Two free-spirits, born in different environments.  Each thirsty for the expansion the other offers their soul.  Come together, horses as conduit, horses as carriers, to build a life delicious like ribs-- layers of meat and fat, meat and fat, sauced and slow-cooked.

We are the Maloneys: Joel, Rachel, Hayden & Everett.  Both sides of our family pioneered into this wild and rough Arizona territory in the 1800s.  We still have Rachel's family's original brand certificates from the very same northern Arizona territory we first lived in together...  Rewind.  How did we even meet? 

At a restaurant-bar called The Ranch House.  I walked in and asked the bartender what was good to eat?  A handsome cowboy piped up that their green chili cheeseburger was the best.  So, I got chicken and Joel fell for a woman who didn’t take his advice. 

That was summer 2008.  Come January we were living together at the base of a mountain 5 hours from the nearest store, cooking meals on a wood burning stove and waiting an hour for that stove to heat the pipes that ran to the shower.  Our home went by the name Mahone and we loved every snowy, rocky, solitary bit of it.  No phone, but we did have an 8 inch TV to watch DVDs that we packed in by mule.  You really get to know a person living like that.  In 2011 we married at Bear Creek Camp on the same outfit. 

We never did tire of our canned food for chess pieces and baling twine board squares, or the incredible country, yet we began to yearn for more: a place of our own, something to feed and grow that was ours to decide how to nurture and develop.  We were sad to leave our dozen ranch horses & mules, many of whom had saved our lives more than once over the 3 years we lived on the RO's.

Fast forward five years to our home sweet home in Cascabel in one of the river's very first homesteads. 

If you'd like to learn more about our daily routine, philosophies, and workstyle, check out our routinely updated blog and videos.