ground lines

Ground lines help horses learn to jump. The influence of ground lines and fill, pushed wider or narrower, is used to influence the horses technique. One can influence details of style such as, how far away from the jump they leave the ground, or how round of a bascule. Maybe you don't feel like you're good enough to recognize and influence these jumping details. Like, if you could, that would be cool and you'd do it... but since it's hard, it's fine to kick your horse from one side of a jump to the other side. You're really just trying not to fall off, is perhaps what you say. I'm telling you that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Pay attention. TO THESE DETAILS. Your horse very much appreciates considerate rides. Consider the fact that she would like more education and smooth confidence to do her job in a style that feels great to her. When trained by riders and ground coaches who make conscious suggestions about the physical techniques the horse chooses, horses join this intelligent team in recognizing that certain styles of jumping various types of jumps feel better or feel worse. (Smoother, easier, more powerful, more balanced, etc... all these things feel good to a horse. As opposed to jumping over the shoulder, rushing to the base, interrupting rhythm or pushing flat across the surface... all these things don't feel wonderful. They know which feeling they prefer. You can intelligently use ground lines to help them find the best feeling jump consistently. So that they learn the best feeling technique. They will use what feels best, if they are able and well-educated.) So, if you can use a ground line to influence them to jump in a style that feels much better to that individual, and show them many times where the ideal spot is to leave the ground, and what the ideal style for them is in that moment to feel their most powerful and smooth, they will want to do what feels better. There's so much more to the game than going from side A to side B and preferably leaving poles in the cups. The more we refine, the more our horses refine. What we focus on magnetizes. If a persons world with their horse is small.... and they want to see more.... the awesome thing about life on earth, is that every day is new. and every day we can see more then we've ever seen before.

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