On Being Brave PART 2

Bravery is possible because fear exists.

A brave horse is one who doesn't feel totally confident, but is willing to step forward anyways.

I admire that. I appreciate a partner who is willing to move into the uncertain with me.

Horses are magical to me. Just today I got to enjoy an awesome 3 year old Andalusian filly recently started under saddle go on her first solo trail ride and bravely step into new territory with me. There were moments, especially when we got bluffed up a few times, and had tight cacti infested areas to turn around inside of, when she felt anxious and yet she bravely followed my guidance anyways and we had a great outing.

Earlier this morning I got to enjoy another awesome 5 year old Warmblood mare who has been learning to jump with me over the past few months. We built a triple bounce gymnastic for her today and it was really fun feeling her bravery as each element was added. She wasn't exactly sure how to navigate it but she was willing to move forward with me through the exercises every time and give it a try.

Horses allow me to share these vulnerabilities directly with them, in a way, that is uniquely together.

To have such a huge body connect like this to me, is, well, it is magic.

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